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The greatest collection of clown sex stories, tattoo sex stories as well as all kinds of general fetish sex stories.

These are 10 of my favorite stories, but even though they are strange, sexy and a little bizarre, they are nothing compared to what you get inside of

It has more than just the regular taboos, it has all the small fetish stories you can never find, such as; midgets, fuzzy, cumswallowing, clown sex, piercing and tattoo sex and more. Check it out below.

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Do you enjoy bondage, mind control, all kinds of fetishes, clown sex, midgets, drunk, mature and more genres of adult erotica? Try Taboo Stories.

These are not basic, cheaply made stories like the ones you have probably been reading online. These are very high end stories, written by true erotic authors (not people just trying to make a buck part time) with erotic story fans in mind. Take the free tour and i guarantee you'll like what you see. They have thousands of stories! If you don't like it, click the back button and keep surfing. No consoles or pop ups are used on the free tour to ruin your surfing.

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